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Aluminum Profile Cutting pre Anodizing (left) and post Anodizing (right)
NECE has been anodizing, for over 50 years, both aluminum bars, profiles and tubulars up to 7600 mm in length, as well as small parts and small components already cut to size.
In order to minimize production times and costs, for years NECE has also been cutting bars *.
If the product requires visible thickness, the cut must be made before Anodizing, so that at the end of the process it is completely treated.
Pre Anodizing Bars, Tubes and Profiles Cutting
Pre Anodizing Sheet Cutting
Conversely, if the ends (the thickness) are covered by caps or coupled to other materials, the cut is made after Anodizing.
NECE, in the preventive phase, analyzes the best solution according to the customer's needs, providing the cutting process directly in its own premises, avoiding the customer having to resort to another supplier with relative additional material handling, with risks, times and costs associated.
In design products, NECE also recommends the application of the 80 μm double-layer white-black Protective Film, guaranteed against UV rays, which can remain even after final assembly.
Post Anodizing Bars, Tubes and  Profiles Cutting
Post Anodizing Profiles Cutting
* With 90 ° circular saw, tolerance ± 1mm.

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