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The anodic oxidation is an electro-chemical process whose purpose is the formation, on the surface of objects of aluminium, of an oxide film, which offers several advantages:

  1. Long life/durability: the tests far exceed the 1000 hours in no acetic salt spray
  2. Resistance to salt: anodizing Nece proposes and recommends to its customers the finishes and also the Classes of Oxidation appropriate for hostile environments such as marine or subject to strong attacks.
  3. Resistance to light: the organic colors, which are obtained by absorption by immersion of the anodized in a solution of organic dye, are the most sensitive among the colors offered by Nece anodizing, and also have a high light- fastness ( >8 ISO NORM 2135).
  4. Abrasion resistance: the oxide layer hardens the anodized surface and it also can be made the anti-scratch treatment, processing option, which gives the finished product a particular resistance to abrasion and scratches, as well as giving a higher result in mechanical terms, in terms of aesthetic, improving the luster of aluminium surfaces treated.
  5. Do not change the units/dimensions of precision components: the process of anodizing intervenes by modifying the structure of aluminium to a depth ranging from 5 to 25 microns, and the odds of anodized surfaces undergo an irrelevant change, unlike what happens with the painting that applies a layer of paint , uneven, which can exceed 100 microns, by altering the dimensions of the object.
  6. Produces a greater surface hardness of the aluminium: anodizing is an electro- chemical oxide, which acts by modifying the structure of aluminium, making it harder on the surface.
  7. Warranty: in his corporate management anodizing Nece implements procedures and resources adequate to achieve optimal quality standard of all the technical provisions in relation to quality mark for the anodic oxidation Qualanod. Anodizing Nece has also obtained a certificate proving conformity with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System for: surface treatment of anodic oxidation, electro, electro interference of extruded sheets, special aluminium alloy.
  8. Quality of finish: the aesthetic qualityas thatrequired in high-desing furnishings, is ensured by traceability throughout the production cycle, ensuring, over time, you can play the same level of finish.
  9. Traceability: in areas that require use of aluminium in the highest level of quality, not only aesthetic, but also structural, full traceability is ensured through the anodized aluminium marking.
  10. Easy to clean: Nece anodizing provides a cleaner line consists of products for cleaning and maintaining the perfect aluminium surfaces, ideal for ensuring a better presentability to the finished product, or to give to his customers as a cleaner at the same time effective but not aggressive.
  11. Advanced technology and respect the environment: Anodizing NECE is confirmed as a Green Company complying with the stringent standards dictated by the ISO 14001 standard, as it uses procedures and technologies to minimize its environmental impact. Anodizing NECE has also obtained the certificate by Qualital - Aluminium Institute of Industrial Certification, attesting the conformity of the Environmental Management System for surface treatment of anodizing, electro, electro Interference of Extruded, Rolled aluminum alloy and Details.
  12. Lightweight: it does not increase the weight of 'the subject of aluminum: aluminum wheel for Porsche GT9R ATS, the lighter aluminum rim ever made.
  13. Enhances but does not cover the aluminum: through satin finishing, brushing, electrolytic and chemical finishes, you go to edit and enhance the area without going to hide the 'amount of raw material.
  14. Surface washable with a cleansing treatment: using our cleaning products and Aluglit Cristalux. 

  15. Suitable to structural bonding: after many tests on anodized surface, have been established finishes suitable for structural bonding (aluminum-aluminum, glass, aluminum, PVC-Aluminium).
  16. High design: the process for interference electrocolouring provide greater prestige to anodized aluminium with a range of colors that are achieved through complex chemical and chemical-physical treatments. Through the process of interference electrocolouring you can obtain customized colors.
  17. Heat exchange: the aluminium is a metal alloy resistant to corrosion, with a specific weight 3 times less than steel and with a higher thermal conductivity, making it ideal for production of radiators and heated towel rail, whose surfaces are treated with the anodizing process that promote the exchange of heat.
  18. Reproducibility of steel effect: the polished anodized reproduces faithfully the appearance of polished stainless steel.
  19. Heat absorption in PV : Nece anodizing makes the treatment of oxidation on the structure of solar system, photovoltaic and technicians. Tests carried out, especially in technical systems, demonstrate that the dark-toned electrocolouring contributes to the storage of heat from the sun.
  20. Reduction of defects and waste: the defects of aluminium such as flames, stripes, bands extrusion, more or less deep scratches, are reduced by the processing of sandblasting. Thanks to sandblasting, production waste, due to the quality of aluminium, greatly diminish.
  21. Excellent base for painting: the anodizing prepare aluminium for a good adhesion of the paint and also guarantees the durability of the aluminium oxide layer for protection.


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